Time and Talents

  Time and Talents  
There are many ways you can serve in the church
with your Time and your Talents.  You can click on each item to get a description.  After reviewing
all the Time and Talent options please go to this 
Time and Talents Form to sign up for anything
you may be interested in. 

    Head Usher (9:00)
  • Will oversee other ushers at that service, making sure there are enough ushers to collect offerings, may help with communion distribution, take attendance count during worship.

    Usher (9:00)
  • Usher duties include, but are not limited to service preparation, (snow removal, cubbies, candles, hymn boards etc.) and closing up after church (communion rail removal, friendship register, etc) with a strong emphasis on ensuring every member and guest is made to feel welcome as they arrive (Greeting, hand shake, hold door open, bulletin, etc.).  Any confirmed male member of Emanuel is eligible to serve as an usher.  Females can not be ushers but may serve their Lord as greeters (husband/wife team?).  Dress Code:  Shirt and tie are a must!  (Extra ties are available in the elders room.)  Suits or sport coats are not required, but strongly encouraged.  Blue jeans are allowable if clean and in good condition (No holes or fray).
    Altar Care
  • Volunteers serving on the altar guild are responsible for changing of church banners, paraments, palm fronds, flowers and altar linens according to the church year or as they become soiled, cleaning the altar linens, ensuring candles are full, preparing for the Lord’s Supper and putting away communion ware after communion services (making sure there are supplies for next time).  Pairing up with another member (or spouse, friend, confirmed child etc.) for one’s month of service is strongly encouraged.  Any confirmed member of Emanuel is eligible to serve on the altar guild.  However, children of those serving are allowed to assist under the close supervision of the parent volunteer.  What a great opportunity to teach the young people of our congregation to serve their Lord as well!

  • These are volunteers willing to “stuff” Bulletins, News pages, and the Forward in Christ magazines into the proper church “cubby” (mailbox).  The [coordinator] will add and delete cubbies as needed (keeping contact with the Recording Secretary who orders envelopes)

    Organ / Piano
  • Are you willing to play the piano or organ for worship services; Sundays and/or midweek?

    Learn Organ
  • Do you have a desire to learn to play? This is for you!
    Other Instruments
  • Do you play flute? Trumpet? Drums?  Or any other instrument? Can we put that talent to work in serving our Lord.

  • A soloist would chant the psalm and might sing solos during worship or other special services.
    Sing in Choir
  • For those of you who would rather sing as part of a group. Join us!
    Worship Committee
  • Would you care to give your input as to the hymns we sing, the liturgies we use, or plan special services for special events?  Here you would work with the Pastor and Organists to expand our worship.

Nurture (visiting...)
    Sick / Shut-ins
  • There are members who can not make it to church. Are you interested in visiting with them, spending some time with them and giving them someone to talk to?

    Caring Contacts
  • When people miss a few weeks of worship, how can we let them know we care?  Here you would simply make a phone call to say “We miss you, is everything ok? Is there anything we can do to help you?”

  • Perhaps you can provide rides to either worship or other events.
    Write Notes to Visitors
  • Sending a simple note / postcard to thank them for worshiping with us.    


  • Keep our Facebook page current and up-to-date.  Maybe send out devotionals every couple of days to keep threads active.  (Currently done by our secretary, but if you want to volunteer your time…)

  • People who attend our church and show interest in becoming a member are called “prospects.”  We would like a volunteer to email, write (preferably hand-written, they get read more and tossed-out less), and/or call these prospects and let them know about special church events -- give a personal invitation to the prospect.
    Visit "Prospects"
  • Notice there are three visits planned.  #1 Would simply be thanking them for visiting our church, and asking for any feedback they might like to volunteer.  (Yes, this is a quick visit, and you might not even get in the house).  #2 Would be a “getting to know you” visit, in which you basically “interview” the prospect and find out their needs.  #3 would be a “share your faith” visit: (most people need some training before being sent out for the “#3 visit”)

    Telephone & Door to Door Surveys
  • A way to start a conversation about what we believe and give info about our church.

    July 4th Float (Organize)
  • You would be in charge of (or delegating to others) registering for the parade, getting a vehicle and trailer to decorate, let secretary know when to start making announcements for candy and volunteers, plan any handouts with church info and/or VBS info.
    Drive in Parade
  • Drive the float.    
    March in Parade
  • Walk in the parade (or ride on float), help pass out candy/fliers.
Ladies Circles
    Leadership Circle
  • This group includes:
    Head of Circles - This person leads meetings and is the main contact person for the Pastor.
    Treasurer - This person is in charge of keeping a record of our funds and distribution of funds as needed by the circles.
    Funeral Circle
  • This group is in charge of organizing and serving funeral dinners.  This circle also keeps track of the supply closet and keeps it stocked.
    Special Events Circle
  • This group is in charge of any special meals/events throughout the church year and also organize cake receptions for new members.

    Mission Circle
  • This group acts as our contact with LWMS and various world and home missions.  They also support our members through cards, organize the "Cradle Roll" to encourage young families, and support our young members who attend our WELS high school and colleges.
    Sewing Circle
  • This group sews baptismal quilts, lap quilts and walker caddies.  They also provide for the sewing needs of our missions and do other special sewing projects.  Would you like to see some finished projects?
    Youth Group Circle
  • This group is available to help with Youth Group activities as directed by Debbie Schultz.  This group usually consists of parents of the teens in the Youth Group.

"For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.  We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.  If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully."
Romans 12:4-8 (NIV)

(When working with children, an
Employee/Volunteer Screening Form
must be filled out)
    Substitute Teacher
  • Qualified to teach when regular teacher is sick or absent.  Talk to principal for details.

    Teacher Aid
  • Assisting in planning and preparing the learning environment, setting up interest centers and preparing needed materials and supplies under the direction of the teacher.

  • Able to transport students to field trips and other off campus school functions.
    Hot Lunches
  • Help in the preparation, serving and clean-up of weekly hot lunch meals and other special school lunch events.
    Sunday School Teacher
  • Confirmed adult who can lead a weekly class.

    Substitute Sunday School Teacher
  • Confirmed adult to assist the regular leader and fill in if leader is absent.
    Sunday School Helper
  • Any confirmed member that can assist leader with art projects and weekly lessons.
    Sunday Crafting
  • While we do not have “Sunday School” during the summer, the kids do enjoy getting together and working on crafting projects.  Are you a “crafty” person interested in oversight?
    VBS Teacher
  • Vacation Bible School - Confirmed adult that can lead a class.
    VBS Helper
  • Vacation Bible School - Any confirmed member that can assist leader with lessons and projects.
    Youth Group Assistant
  • Any confirmed member that can assist Youth Leader in planning and organizing Youth Group parties and trips. Would also like a confirmed male who can lead devotions.

    Mom's Group
  • Any confirmed member that can organize and lead a group for families with small children that are not yet school aged.
Special Skills
    Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical, Painting
  • (Self explanatory) We would just like to know if you have these talents to be utilized within the church/school.

    Web Site
  • Update, and maintain the website for the church and/or school.
  • Knowledge of computers, programs and/or equipment.
    Janitor (School)
  • Cleaning of the school. Principal Friske has a complete list of duties.
    Janitor (Church)
  • Cleaning of the church.
  • Maintaining (8) flower beds on school and church property.
    Snow Plowing
  • Keeping driveways (church, school & parsonage) and sidewalks (church & school) clear of snow and ice during winter months.
    Church Librarian
  • Organizing and maintaining an area where members can check out and return books.  
    Lawn Mowing
  • Grass cutting, weed whacking, raking leaves.