Ladies Circles

  Ladies Circles  
Here are some great ways to serve the congregation!  You can click on each item to get more information on each group.  If you are interested in helping out with any of these groups you can sign up on the Time and Talents Form or talk to the one of the secretaries, email, or leave a note in the secretary box.
    Leadership Circle
  • This group includes our:
    Head of Circles - This person leads meetings and is the main contact person for the Pastor.
    Treasurer - This person is in charge of keeping a record of our funds and distribution of funds as needed by the circles.
    Funeral Circle
  • This group is in charge of organizing and serving funeral dinners.  This circle also keep track of the supply closet and keeps it stocked.
    Special Events Circle
  • This group is in charge of any special meals/events throughout the church year and also do cake receptions for new members.
    Mission Circle
  • This group acts as our contact with LWMS and various world and home missions.  They also support our members through cards, organize the "Cradle Roll" to encourage young families, and support our young members who attend our WELS high school and colleges.
    Sewing Circle
  • This group sews baptismal quilts, lap quilts and walker caddies.  They also provide for the sewing needs or our missions and do other special sewing projects.  HERE  are some of the finished products!  
    Youth Group Circle
  • This group is available to help with Youth Group activities as directed by Debbie Schultz.