Pre School Handbook

Pre School Handbook



 Emanuel Lutheran PreSchool

Tawas City, MI



Emanuel Lutheran PreSchool is owned and operated by Emanuel Lutheran Church of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. We are located at 216 North Street W. in Tawas City. Our preschool is fully licensed by the State of Michigan.



The main purpose of Emanuel Lutheran PreSchool is to provide a Christ-centered readiness program for pre-Kindergarten children. Keeping in mind our Savior’s words in John 21:15, “Feed my Lambs”, it is our intent to nurture God’s little lambs by helping them grow in love and knowledge of Jesus and by reaching out to those who have yet to learn of their Savior. The preschool program will also help develop the minds and bodies of our young people, preparing them for Kindergarten and beyond.


Goals & Objectives

Parents have the primary responsibility of training their children. Our goal is to assist parents with this directive by providing opportunities in our curriculum for spiritual, cognitive, social, physical, and emotional growth.


          * Help children recognize their sin and need for a Savior.

          * Help children understand that God has given them a Savior from sin.

          * Help them realize that Jesus is their loving Savior

          * Guide children to understand what Jesus expects of them

          * Encourage them to share the “good news” of the Savior


          * Begin deductive thinking

          * Learn simple organizational skills

          * Develop reasoning and problem solving skills

          * Learning basic mathematical skills

          * Exposure to shapes and sounds of the alphabet


          * Learning independence

          * Accepting compromises

          * Learning to share, taking turns, showing respect to others

          * Recognize how one’s behavior affects others

          * Appreciation for the differences in the people of God’s creation

          * Accept and acknowledge the cultural diversity of God’s world


          * Develop small motor skills (classroom)

          * Develop large motor skills (gym use & playground)

          * Care for one’s own physical needs


          * Learn appropriate ways to respond to others’ feelings

          * Learn appropriate ways to express feelings

          * Learn to handle success and cope with disappointment


          * Free play periods

          * Speaking and listening activities

          * Reading and writing readiness

          * Singing and playing rhythm instruments

          * Art and craft activities

          * Scientific observation

          * Exploration of nature



The preschool has an array of age appropriate equipment to help in the development of the child. Lockers and cubbies are available to store the children’s personal items and classroom manipulatives. There are easels, drawing paper, paints, pencils, crayons, stencils, stamps, play dough, a sand and water table, blocks, beads, and gears. There are manipulatives to teach shapes, colors, numbers, and letters of the alphabet. An electronic piano, tape player, and rhythm instruments are available to enhance the children’s music experience. Preschoolers can experiment with magnifying glasses, magnets, a prism, and legos. They can be creative and explore with puppets, a doll house, farm set, a view master, and matchbox cars. Various games like Candy Land, Cootie, Memory Game, Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss are on hand. Many books and a TV/VCR are available for use.

The gymnasium and playground both have fixed and portable equipment for play and physical development.


Enrollment Policy

Children of Emanuel Lutheran Church and sister congregations will have the first opportunities for enrollment. The invitation for enrollment is then extended to those children who have no church home and also to those who are members of other church denominations. Maximum class size is 20 students.

To be eligible for the four-year-old program, it is recommended that the child be four years of age and for the three-year-old program, three years of age and toilet trained.

Copies of the preschooler’s immunization record/health form and birth certificate are required within 30 days of enrollment.

The Principal reserves the right to make final decisions on all enrollment matters.


Session Times

Emanuel’s preschool operates during the regular school year. Currently the four-year-olds meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings with an option to stay all day on Monday and Wednesday. The three-year-olds meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

For your child’s safety and protection, we ask that children are accompanied to and from the classroom by an adult and also that you notify the teacher personally or in written form if someone other than the usual person will be attending your child. Please use the east lobby entrance.

If it is announced that Tawas Area Schools are closed due to inclement weather, Emanuel’s preschool will also be closed. Listen to your local radio and television stations if bad weather threatens.



The four-year-old program costs $80.00 per month for 3 half-days per week and $140 per month for 2 full-days and 1 half-day per week. The three-year-old program costs $55.00 per month. A $40.00 registration fee is due with the application for enrollment. This fee will be applied to the tuition charge and is non-refundable if application is withdrawn. Parents have the option to pay for the entire year (9 months) when school begins or make monthly payments. If paying by month, payment is due on the 1st day of every month from September through May.



Our preschool is Christ-centered, therefore every attempt will be made to maintain Christian discipline. Although a word or action may not be acceptable, the child will be made to feel loved. In cases of unacceptable behavior, the following guidelines will be used:

* Positive reminder of established rule.

* Appropriate alternatives for acceptable language and/or behavior will be given.

* Separate the child from the problem by diverting him or her to another activity.

* A short time (3-5 minutes) away from the situation so the child can regain his composure and acceptable God-pleasing behavior can be discussed.

If consistent and blatant misbehavior becomes a cause of concern, the teacher will arrange to speak with the parents.



If a child does not make proper adjustments to preschool or is considered in any way to be a detriment to the other children or the preschool program, the administration reserves the right to have the child withdrawn.

If monthly payments are not made in a timely manner, the preschool may request withdrawal of the child. (If a special financial situation arises, the parents should inform the Principal so hopefully some kind of resolution can be agreed on.)


The program director and principal are members of Emanuel Lutheran Church. Our preschool teacher/director has a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. All staff have been screened for any criminal and child abuse/neglect history as required by the Department of Human Services and are not allowed in the center if they have not been cleared. They also participate in a minimum of 16 clock hours annually of continued education training relating to early childhood learning and care.



Preschoolers will be supervised by the program director and/or screened staffers at all times.


Food Services & Nutrition

Preschool parents will provide their child with a nutritious morning snack and an afternoon snack if enrolled in the full day program. Parents of children in the full day program will also provide a nutritious lunch for their child. A refrigerator and microwave are available for use. Staff will assist with the food items parents provide and may occasionally re-heat or warm an item in the microwave.

Hot lunch is offered to the children in the full day program every Wednesday for a nominal fee. The hot lunch menu is sent home at the beginning of the month and is posted on the parent bulletin board located outside of the classroom.


Attendance & Health

Regular attendance is important and therefore encouraged. Should the child become ill with a communicable disease however, please notify the school and keep the child home until the contagious stage is over. Any communicable disease such as chicken pox, measles, or pink eye must be reported to the school. The child may return with the consent of a physician.

If a child becomes seriously injured, ill, or involved in an incident (lost, inappropriate contact, death, fire on premises, or an evacuation) during the program time, the parent will be notified as soon as possible via the information provided on the child’s Information Record card. If the parent is unable to be reached, then those designated as emergency contacts will be notified. The involved child will be placed in a supervised area away from the rest of the children until he/she can be picked up. For a minor incident, parents will be notified at pick-up time.

Protective disposable gloves will be worn if a member of the staff comes in contact with a child’s bodily fluids.

In addition to the preschoolers, any staff or volunteer who is ill will be excluded from the preschool until he/she has returned to normal health. Depending on the type of illness, documentation from a doctor may be needed before allowed to return to the preschool.



Handwashing & Cleaning

Washing of hands is required before snack time, after using the bathroom, after craft activities, and otherwise as needed. Germ-x is also available for occasional use.

Staff and children will follow these steps in washing of hands: 1) wet hands with water, 2) thoroughly lather and scrub with soap, and 3) rinse with clean water.

The following steps will be followed for cleaning and sanitizing equipment and other surfaces: 1) wash the surface vigorously with water and detergent, 2) rinse the surface with clean water, 3) spray the surface with a sanitizing solution, and 4) let the surface air dry.

All toys are cleaned prior to the beginning of the school year and as needed when toys come in contact with bodily fluids. The following steps will be followed for cleaning and sanitizing toys: 1) submerged in water and soap for 5-10 minutes, 2) rinsed in clean water, 3) submerged in water and sanitizing solution for 5-10 minutes, and 4) rinsed in clean water and air dried.

More information on hygiene and other health related issues is available at your local Health Department.



Parents are to inform the program director of any medications to be given to their child during preschool hours. Specific directions should be provided as to the distribution of the medicine. The program director will keep a record of these distributions.


Application of Pesticides

From time to time it may become necessary to apply pesticides to control insects etc. Parents will be notified when this may take place.


Non-Discriminatory Policy

Emanuel Lutheran PreSchool admits students of any sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate in administration of its education policies, admission policies, or other school-administered programs.


Crisis Plan

A crisis plan has been developed for the building. It contains procedures to follow in the event of a natural disaster such as a fire or tornado. It also contains emergency procedures to follow in case of a man-made disaster such as a power failure, gas leak, or water main break. Evacuation and lockdown procedures are also outlined in the Crisis Plan. A copy of this plan is available for public viewing.





Contact Information:


Emanuel Lutheran PreSchool ---------- 989-362-3622


Deborah Schultz, Teacher/Program Director ----- 989-305-0761


Dennis Friske, Principal/Administrator --- 989-469-2039








Revised – January 2017